Google Summer of Code’ 20 with LibreOffice — Part 1

Photo by Christopher Gower on Unsplash

Hi, in this article I will share the details of what I did in the first phase of the summer with LibreOffice. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can refer to the following URLs to read more about “it”:

The first phase was unit testing phase, in which I had to write unit tests for gallery functions before I refactor them.

I started working on it in the community bonding period itself to get a head start on my project. May 2020 and the first week of June was spent completing this phase.


CppUnit testing framework was used to carry out the unit testing


I will now share the details about each unit test that I wrote.

GalleryObjTest Class


My comments

It was a good start for the project, and I got familiar with the code which helped me grab a grip on various parts of it. It was done before the deadline so I could relax for a bit before starting refactoring 😛. I should have written article at that time only — hindsight. 😅

What’s next

After writing the tests, I could refactor the code without any problems. Check out my next post for gallery code refactoring!




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