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I am writing this story on a sunny weekend, months after publishing the android app which goes by the name “Remindoze” on the Play Store. This story will be focused more on the technical details of how I went about developing the application with my team Cray Cray Labs(Yes, it was not a solo project unlike all of my previous projects!).

What does the app do?

In short, the app sends monthly reminders to your friends who owe you subscription money. For example, if you pay for your Netflix account which is being used by 3 of your friends — Remindoze will remind them monthly…

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Hello, this article is a sequel to the part 1 of the project I have undertaken with LibreOffice. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can refer to the following URLs to read more about “it”:

  1. Project Description on GSoC website
  2. My previous story on the overview of the project

The second phase was code refactoring phase, in which I had to separate out the logic of the core gallery classes from reading and writing files and directories.

The phase lasted for 2 months, which was earlier planned to be finished in 1 month. What a stretch! But…

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Hi, in this article I will share the details of what I did in the first phase of the summer with LibreOffice. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can refer to the following URLs to read more about “it”:

  1. Project Description on GSoC website
  2. My previous story on the overview of the project

The first phase was unit testing phase, in which I had to write unit tests for gallery functions before I refactor them.

I started working on it in the community bonding period itself to get a head start on my project. …

Project Title: Move the gallery code to use ZIP files

Hi! In this story I’m going to share the technical details about the project that I have undertaken this summer with LibreOffice.

The Objective

The project objective is to move the gallery code to use ZIP files — hence the name. Previously, the software used its custom built binary formats to store the information of gallery themes. These formats(like .sdg, .sdv, .thm, .str) have data stored inside of them which is not present in human friendly language. For example, arrows.str stores the name of the theme called Arrows, as shown below.

This year, 1191 students have been selected for Google Summer of Code 2020 and I am happy to announce that I have got the opportunity to be called one of them. In this article, I will be sharing my story which might be useful for the students who are willing to participate in this program(gsoc-wannabes).

My story is not a success story, rather it’s a story about failure.

I heard about the program in late 2018 and was highly intrigued by everything about it. To start with, it is a program organized by the tech giant Google and I, coming…

An article for those who have less or no idea about Google Summer of Code program, and are willing to participate in it.

I will try to keep this article short and straight to the point. First make sure you read the official GSoC student guide.

Step 1. Pick (an) organization(s).

Any organization(s) of your choice.

If you choose an organization that has been participating in the program for years and has a large community, e.g., The Linux Foundation, FOSSASIA, Mozilla and LibreOffice, are some of the names I can think of right now:

  • Pros:
    - one can be assured that the org will most likely participate again next year
    - large orgs have annual conferences, so if one is contributing significantly, they may get a chance to travel overseas

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Blockchain technology has been around the tech world for more than a while now. It has indeed indulged business professionals and large industries all around the world to invest their money into a pool of digital currencies, called the cryptocurrencies. The technology is known for its superlative level of security which uses a decentralized, peer-to-peer network of systems all of them sharing a common database, thus eliminating the need of a third-party, a centralized server. Some platforms that use Blockchain Technology are Bitcoin and Ethereum have made their way deep into the industry.

Before we go further, let’s see how…

Aditya Sahu


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